Quality Assurance

PharmaNAC Quality Control

High Quality N-acetylcysteine & GMP Manufacturing

NAC is an antioxidant that must be processed in an extremely dry environment with limited exposure to oxygen. Unfortunately, some NAC supplements sold on the market today are not manufactured under such strictly controlled environments using GMP, due to the associated control costs. As a result, these products often have little or no active NAC in them, or have significant degradation products, or contain significant oxidized NAC, despite labeling to the contrary. Special care is required to ensure that the components of each 900mg tablet do not react during manufacture or within the compressed tablet following manufacture.

In fact, each PharmaNAC tablet is individually wrapped in a special 4-layer (paper/plastic/foil plastic) air-tight material to prevent moisture and air from destabilizing and degrading the NAC (unlike other NAC products that loosely package numerous quantities of NAC capsules in a plastic bottle openly exposed to air).

Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant manufacturing process secures consistent quality, content uniformity, and stability in each and every 900mg effervescent NAC tablet. We are proud that Thiolex, the brand of N-acetylcysteine used in PharmaNAC, is certified compliant to the standards of European Phamacopoeia and United States Phamacopoeia (USP).